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Orlando Sentinel - 11/02/2004

Valued Customer Feedback

Here is some of our valued customer feedback... Enjoy!

"Twelve years later, Dale, and we're still saying the same thing "'We love our home!" Your knowledge, skills, quality of workmanship and supplies, coupled with your work ethic and meticulousness, created a home that twelve years later hardly shows any wear. And, can you believe, this spring we'll have to paint the exterior of our home for the first time since we moved in! No one would have worked with us as hard as you to build the home we wanted and got. Thanks Dale."

"We were very pleased with the workmanship and integrity of Windermere Construction. They did an excellent job of re-modeling the back of our home, which was three bedrooms, a master suite, an office, and two baths. They also did new construction of a utility garage for a car, boat, and work area, and a motorcoach garage which can be transformed into a guest apartment/garage. We highly recommend Dale Rex and his company, Windermere Construction." - Davis and Barbara Taylor

The differentiation in classified housing requirements between Europe and America is frequently illustrated by the perceptive between quality and quantity as well as for the expertise of workmanship. America is a comparatively young nation when Europe had thousand of buildings commencing during numerous generations before America was first discovered by the Viking; Leif Erikson (the Lucky) in the year 1000. Consequently many European consider their proficient experience, expertise to construct building, lasting for centuries, and foremost the exclusive imperative quality of the European construction companies to be incomparable.

After purchasing our second home at the Chain of lakes in Orlando we were recommended by an honourable proficient to contact the Windermere Construction Company for the extension of the house, the interior remodelling project and the new driveway and gardening exertion. The most important concern for us was the quality of material, the superiority of the workmanship and down-to-earth and up to standard for the estimated pricing.

Following our exhaustive agreement the project started in the third quarter of 2009 and was completed in the second quarter of 2010 in absolute harmony with the contract timing. The excellence of workmanship, the quality of the material and communication at the time of the project was particularly satisfying. The entire workforce in the house, the painters, the carpenter, the tile layer and the father and sons of the corporation were excellent professionals who worked as well coordinated team - one for all and all for one. The total cost of the project was in absolute concurrence with what the Windermere Construction had projected.

As European we consider us to be very fortunate to have employed the Windermere Construction Company for the job. The quality of their work is without doubt equivalent to the premier standards in Europe. We received the house at the accurate timing wonderfully cleaned and finished over and done with.

We want to articulate our appreciation and gratefulness to the Windermere Construction Company for their excellent job. By means of our experience we can with delight propose and recommend Mr. Dale Rex and his company, Windermere Construction as dependable, trustworthy and wonderful workmanship. - Kolbrun and Omar Kristjansson of Europe

"It is our pleasure to recommend your services to others in our community. We built our home with a different builder in the Dr. Phillips area in 1995. Being from a colder climate, we were not familiar with Southern living and unfortunately made a few design mistakes along the way. About five years after we built our house, I watched you build my next door neighbor's house and said to myself, "that is one conscientious builder, if I ever build again; I'm going to use that guy!"

After 12 years of living with the deficiencies in our home, we finally decided to fix our design mistakes and add an addition in the process. We contacted you for our project which consisted of a 3200 sq. ft. interior remodel and a 3-story 2400 sq. ft. addition. The pre-building process went very smooth with your assistance in obtaining engineered design drawings and all the required permits. Having design and engineering input from you based upon your 20+ years as a builder allowed us to accomplish things we had no idea could be done and saved us a bundle of money in the long run.

As expected, your workers were very courteous and mindful of the fact that we were living in the home throughout the project. The attention to detail and your desire to do things to perfection resulted in to finally turning our home in to the dream home we always wanted. We are beyond thrilled with the results and no amount of words on paper will properly convey your dedication to the project and most importantly, your integrity as a person.

We are so proud of our "new" home, thank you!" - Mr. G of Dr. Phillips (Orlando), Florida

"Eight years ago, in 2000, we were fortunate enough to convince you to construct our home in the Orlando area. Based in Clermont and Lake County, you seemed somewhat reluctant to venture into Orlando and Orange County but because of what we had heard and observed concerning your honesty, integrity and quality of construction, we convinced you to agree to build our home. During construction, numerous neighbors and building trade contractors stopped by to comment about the observable attention to detail and cleanliness of the construction site.

The home was completed on the date you said it would be and at a price you said it would cost. Upon completion, a thorough inspection revealed not a single deficiency or problem and none were discovered after we moved in. We not only got a quality home but you also built us an energy star horne.

We recently sold our home, 2008, and based on conversations with the realtors and the buyer directly, we are convinced that the quality of construction, which was clearly evident in the condition of the home eight years later was a major and probably the deciding factor in purchasing the home. The buyer plans to add on and expand the home and due to our recommendation and conversation with you, we understand he has contracted with you for the work because as he said "I want it done right"

We want to express our appreciation and thanks to you, Dale and the team at Windermere Construction." - Lou and Don

"Last week I was hosing off my back porch when I realized all the water would rush to the screen door side, which made it so easy to sweep out the door. I made a mental note to call you to tell you that even ten years later, I am still noticing how meticulously you built our home.

I did talk with you and now I'm putting it in writing, too,

John and I still love our home as much as the first day we moved in. We get comments about how beautiful our home is from just about everyone who visits and those that know anything about construction always comment on how well built it is. And, it is. Ten years later we have had no problems and it still looks like it was just built, except this fall we're going to paint the exterior. It finally needs it!! Everything from the foundation to the paint is quality.

Occasionally we reminisce about our closing at the bank. We asked our closing agent when you would arrive. With a concerned look, she asked "do you want him here?" When we told her of course, she said most people are so angry with their builder by the closing that they never want to see him again! That was not our case at all. We wanted to celebrate with you.

You were kind and thoughtful from the very beginning when we brought you an 8" x 11" set of floor plans and sketches and said we wanted to build this house. Chris can still remember meeting you in a parking lot several days later and her reaction when you unrolled a large piece of paper on the trunk of her car of the home we wanted that you had sketched yourself. You had remembered every change we wanted and even added some details we still love. We moved in about nine months later and ten years later are living in that home.

We think this pretty much says it all about Windermere Construction and your workmanship. If you're ever asked for a reference, you tell them that John and Chris Ball said anyone would have to look far and wide to find a better builder. And if they don't believe us, they can come see our home!" - John and Christine